UAN Member Portal – EPFO

UAN Member portal and epfo member portal complete details of information. Here we do written the article covering all the information about the uan member portal details for both employees and employers.

As per the EPFO , we came to know that old uan portal is nowhere available , as they were moved out to the new uan portal.

The new uan member portal will now come up with the different source of information for both of employees and and employers. Their also be a huge interface change, which can add more security to their epfo member portal and there by decrease the chance of take down – also check online transfer claim portal.

UAN Portal – How To Login

Here we cover how to login to Unified member portal, make sure you do activate you’re account before you login. In case if you have no idea how to login to your account, here we cover the step by step information how to activate you’re account through UAN number and you’re mobile number.

Once, the process of registration is completed the next step is to activate your new uan member portal account.In order to access the epfo member portal account you must access the uan number from your employer.

uan member portal

If you got the universal account number from your employer, then the process as follows:

The process if quite simple:

  • Just visit the official epfo member portal website.
  • There by you can access the complete details as shown in the following image:
  • Now, all you need to follow as per their instructions:
  • You need to enter the universal account number
  • Your mobile number ( mandatory )
  • Select the state
  • Enter your pf account number
  • Now, after you entered all the details that were mentioned on their uan portal. ¬†Just click on get “Pin”. You will get an authorization pin to your account.

Now, enter the the authorization pin there by itself and proceed the next instructions.

Once the authorization is successful you were automatically redirected to the new webpage.

On that webpage you can create your username and password. The following details are mandatory to choose:

  • Your user name
  • your password
  • Conform password
  • Your Email Identity

After all that you can successfully entered the UAN portal or EPFO Porta. There by you can access all the details.

UAN Registration On Unified Portal

UAN registration online. As a matter of fact you can’t access the uan member portal without being registered.

However as an employee , it’s employer responsibility to register the new uan portal account on behalf of their employees.

The process of uan registration is quite simple. The guide will mainly teach for the employers on how to register their employees name.

UAN Registration Online

  • First of all you need to register ( for employers ) in uan portal.

Once, you have successfully registered then its’s time to add all your employees details.

We have collected the source of information from epf official website and other best websites in PF in this category. The process is quite simple.

  • You just need to attach all the pf member details in one text file:
  • The text file should be in this format : Check out the format in this .zip guide and open the ecrpresentationwork.html
  • Now collect the necessary documents from employees in order to add them in epfo member portal to assign the uan number.

The list of documents as mentioned below:

  • Aadhar card – For correction changes update aadhar SSUP on self service portal.
  • Bank account number along with IFSC code
  • Pan card
  • Voter Id card
  • Passport and driving license

After collected the necessary details from your employers now its time to add. Make sure to follow the guidelines that we are shared in the .zip file.

Uploaded the documents ( Bulk Format )

Now, uploaded the employees documents in a bulk text file. The text format should be in a perfect format and meet the guidelines that we are shared above.

  • Once, you uploaded the employee in your uan portal, then all you need to do now is verify those.

member portal

The process of approving is quite simple. Just login to your uan portal there by itself access on menu bar an option is displayed as: Approve bulk file “.

Just click on the approve and a popup will open asking the required digital signature, just continue with that as per your requirement.

Now,conform the details and allocate the uan members to your employees. The tagging part is also quite simple.

If the previous member already have an uan number, then it won’t show as ” First time employment “.

  • If the option first time employment is displayed then the user might be the new one, and you need to allocate the uan portal number right away.

That’s the complete process for uan registration online via uan portal online. We hope you can clearly understand.

UAN EPF Transfer Online

If you were changed from one company to other company then it’s an hurdle task to transfer the pf amount by visiting the pf office often.

In order to solve this problem, Universal account number is introduced there by you can access all the details and transfer the pf amount with out any risk by logging into the uan portal online or epfo member portal.

The following are the points that you need to focus:

  • First of all you need to login to the uan portal with your login details.
  • Once, you were logged in, there by you can access the menu bar.
  • At the top right column you can access the previous member Id.
  • Now, visit the previous member Id on your portal page.

When you click on previous member Id. Then it automatically display the list of the previous accounts that you have under your pf account that has been linked with the uan member portal.

Now, chose the account that you want to transfer the details.

Then after check the eligibility status. If the previous account is eligible for pf transfer you can apply for the transfer application status online.

member portal

Once, you applied. You will get to know the status asap, and further by you can access the details and track the pf transfer status online via uan member portal.

Profile Details Through UAN Member Portal

It’s quite common that most of the users while filling out the application form or while they were activating done some mistakes.

In order to make necessary modifications they need login to the epfo member portal or uan employer portal.

  • With the help of your username ans password. You can now login to the uan employee portal.

Now, check out the pages, where you can access to change the mobile number and kyc documents.

In order to change the mobile number, you need to have other working mobile number in order to receive the OPT message for verification process.

Change the KYC documents : You can change the following documents:

  • Bank account number and IFSC Code.
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election Card / Voter Id Card
  • Other documents

Once, you made necessary changes then the employer need to verify those documents and submit the status as verification completed.

All you can done via uan member portal / UAN portal.

Most frequent asked questions about uan portal online:

1. What is UAN ?

Ans : UAN stands for universal account number, It will act as a roof of your pf member accounts. There by you can transfer or check the balance statements with out any efforts. It’s a 12 digit unique number which is assigned to all the employees by employer.

2. Do I Need to get an another UAN number If I changed the company ?

Ans : No! UAN it self says as universal account number, means you need not be get another number. It will stay forever through out your career. Just need to linked to your new PF account. So, that you can access all the details under one roof.

3. Can I download My Passbook ?

Ans : Yes, you can download the PF balance statement and passbook. Also, you can check how much money that you are contributing to your PF account via epf portal.