PF Balance: 5 Different Ways To Check PF Balance Online

Here, Today we are going to learn about PF Balance enquiry in 5 Different Ways. The main idea and the thought of the PF Scheme is to live happily after your retirement as you do now. The central government of India has introduced this scheme in the year 1952.

Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation

Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation is also know as EPF. This PF Balance is an act which was introduced by the central government of India. This act is mainly applicable to the employee’s who are working under employers.

The difference between the employee’s and employers is employees’s are known as the people who works for salary under employer’s. Employer’s are the one who gives work to employee’s on salary based agreement.

Every employer will open an PF(Provident Fund) Account on the name of the employee who works in his/her company with salary based agreement. At the time of joining every employee will be getting an provident fund account to check their PF Balance which was created by the employer. Here, employer means CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, Owner.

Every employee who has an EPF Balance account, There will be some percentage of cutting from their every month salary and will be credited in EPF member Balance account. At last finally at the time of retirement of the employee this amount will be doubled by the central government and given to the employee as provident fund (PF) and this will be credited as  their EPF member Balance.

PF Balance IN Government Sector

Government sector is the largest sector when compared to the other sectors. And also government employees and employers will be getting an huge amount of salary where as when compared to the other sectors.

In General, No government employee or employer will not left his job in middle. What if he takes an voluntary retirement. There’s no problem the government will be giving PF Fund to the person who retires in middle.

PF Balance IN Public Sector

Public sector is also an largest sector when compared to the government sector. Here, In Public sector the salary is paid through their experience. And also salaries are paid from least to the highest.

In Public sector, The employees will be shifted from one company to another company a lot and lot when compared to the government sector. Then what about their PF Fund, No need to worry about this question. Follow these simple steps as follows below to get your PF Fund in middle.

How To Get Your PF Balance Fund In Middle?

Step-1: Go to your nearest PF office and ask them an Form 13.

Step-2: Fill the Form 13 with your Bank account details and the Bank’s IFSC code and other few general details which as follows in the Form 13.

Step-3: Submit the Form 13 to the respective officer and that’s it. This will be processed in 5-7 working days and your PF Balance will be credited.

Coming To Main Topic, Here we are going to know How To Check Your PF Balance In 5 Different Ways.

1. How To Check PF Balance Online

Here, We are going to learn how to check PF Balance online enquiry. For This, We should have an UAN number, Here UAN means Universal Account Number. And also know your PF account number.

Step-1: Go through the website

Step-2: Now at last below you can find “Click here to Know Your PF Balance” and then click on the link. Now you will be redirected to the Member Balance ( PF Balance ) portal.

Step-3: Now the page appears as follows.

Step-4: Click on the state which you lives in, then search in “select PF office state” and click on it

Step-5: And that’s it you will be getting your region and then click on it.

Step-6: And enter your details as follows in the website and know your PF Balance.

2.How To Check PF Balance Online Through UAN

UAN is known as the Universal Account Number. This UAN number is permanent as long as you live. UAN is given to each and every employee. It’s very easy to check balance through UAN number by logging into the official website.

Here are the steps to do PF balance enquiry by your UAN number

Step-1: Go to the website

Step-2: Get your UAN account number and enter your UAN number in the official website

Step-3: Enter your mobile number which you have been registered with your UAN account

Step-4: Now you will receive an OTP ( One Time Password ) to your registered mobile number.

Step-5: Now select the categories as you are in and submit.

Step-6: Now solve the captcha to prove that you are not an robot to know your PF Balance

Step-7: That’s it you have completed successfully now you can know your PF balance.

3.Check PF Balance Via Missed Call & SMS

Most of the people in India have not accessed to internet. For those who don’t have minimum computer knowledge and doesn’t have internet connection. Here is an simple step to know your PF Balance. For this you should know your UAN ( Universal Account Number ) number.

Step-1: Dail 011-22901406  and make a call

Step-2: The computer robot will deduct your full information and that’s it.

Step-3: Now you will receive your EPF member balance including your details as an SMS.

4.How To Check PF Balance Online Via Mobile Application

The government of India has recently launched an mobile application for checking our PF balance and managing our PF account from our home. The bad thing is that this application is not available on Google play store.

We need to download this PF Balance application from the official website of EPFO. And installed application will be accessed only in Android devices and can’t be accessed in iOS.  Soon EPFO will be launching its mobile application in all stores like Google play store, Nokia store, Tizen store, iOS and other stores which are available for smart phone users.

Here are the following steps to do PF balance enquiry and to know your PF account details.

Step-1: Install the mobile application from the official website of EPFO

Step-2: Open the installed and click on member.

Step-3: And then click on the option balance/passbook and then enter your 12 digit UAN number.

Step-4: And that’s it now you can check your PF status and your PF balance and also you can view your passbook for the last few months.

5.How To Check PF Balance Online Through EPF Website

Here is another method to check your balance in online that is EPF Official website. The following steps will be as follows.

Step-1: Go to the official website of the EPF #Link

Step-2: Now enter the details as you are required

Step-3: And that was the final step now the details will be displayed on the screen and now you can know your PF Balance

6.Check PF Balance Via Beta Version

Beta version is increasing day by day for all the mobile applications. The main reason behind is the app developers and the app creators are releasing the beta version for only beta users.

Here beta users are know as the app tester for the particular app because the beta users will install the application first than the usual users and they will rate and suggest the app based on their idea. And based on the beta users the app creators will release this app for all the usual users.

Recently the government of India has also released the beta version for the EPFO Application. This helps the government a lot to know the opinion on the app. And based on the beta people’s opinion the government can make changes in the EPFO application as requires.

Here are the following steps to know your PF balance on your Beta version application of EFPO

Step-1: Install the beta application from google play store

Step-2: Now just you can know your PF Balance

Here are some questions where you can find answers in the official portal

  • What is your UAN ( Universal Account Number )
  • Forgot Password
  • Change your mobile number
  • Incorrect details in the account
  • Changing of your name, date of birth, date of joined, etc.
  • SMS not received at the time of UAN actvation
  • Form 11 pending

The above mentioned questions can be answered in the official website of EPFO or By installing the official beta version from the play store you can know. The main idea and aim of launching various applications and websites is to solve the problems of employee’s.

Points To Remember While Knowing Your EPF Balance Enquiry

Here are few points to remember while knowing your EPF ( Employee’s Provident Fund ) Balance in online. These points are very important to remember for a successful login in EPF Website.

  • For one registration we should use only one mobile number
  • One registered mobile number can view only one EPF account details
  • One member at the portal can view the maximum of 10 EPF account balances

PF Balance Enquiry Rules For Railway Employee’s

Each railway employee will contribute 8.5% oh his salary to the government for PF balance. Employees can withdraw his PF balance partially or full at a time. More details about PF rules can be found on the official website of Railways Employees Information System ( REIS ) portal.

EPF Customer Care

For every company, There is an customer care centre and customer care mobile number to solve customers problems at any time. For Employee’s Provident Fund also there is an customer care number to solver their employee’s problems during their office hours.

EPFO has launched their customer care service in recent times. Before this they have many website portals and android application to solve their employee’s issues. For EPF also there is an customer care service which was launched by the central government of India in recent times.

These are the steps to connect with the EPF Customer Care Centre

Step-1: Dail EPFO’s Indian helpline number 1800118005

Note: This is an free customer care service by the central government of India.

Step-2: Now you will be directly connected with the office member of EPFO

EPFO has not only on customer care they are also on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Where the EPFO is receiving many suggestions and ideas from both the platforms from various people all over India. This helps a lot for EPFO to increase their services in a better way.

Digital Sign For EPFO Employee’s

As we all know that for every forward step from government there’s a need of signature.In recent times most of the frauds are happening by copying of signatures by expert professionals. After signing all the documents digitally they should submit them to EPFO noticed by EPFO.

This digital signature is helpful for the easy verification UAN data. Employees can apply for digital signature through the OTCP ( Online Transfer Claim Portal ) of EPFO.

How To Download EPF Balance Slips

Employee’s can download their balance slips from the official website of EPFO. This can be downloaded by E – Sewa Portal. These are the following steps to download the EPF member balance slips.

Step-1: Go to the official website of

Step-2: And then you can see the link ” For employees ” click on it

Step-3: And then click on the link ” ECR / Challan Submission”

Step-4: Then it will automatically takes you to the ” Employee E-Sewa Page”

Step-5: Finally you can now find the download tab, choose the download slip you would like to download and select the location where the file has to be saved.

How to know our nearest EPFO office?

Knowing of our nearest EPFO office is very important to apply for the Form 13. And not for only Form 13 there are many advantages by knowing our nearest EPFO office.

Just follow  these simple steps to know nearest EPFO office.

Step-1: Go to the website

Step-2: Now go to the option “State/UT” Here UT means Union Territory. Click on the STATE/UT which you lives in.

Step-3:  Beside this now you can find “DISTRICT” Click on it and select your District which you lives in.

Step-4: Now click on submit and then you can find the full details of your Regional Office with address and also for social connectivity they provide email also.

Help Desk For EPFO

Help Desk is very very important for each and every company or for an organization. And here is an website portal for EPFO helpdesk. Do check it out and visit it

And this website can be accessed by only the members of EPFO. We can say that this is an disadvantage of EPFO.

EPF Form 5

The Employee Provident Fund ( EPF ) scheme was introduced to improve their employee’s life with high quality after their retirement from the job also by offering them the employee’s benefits and social security. There is an strong bond between the employee and employer of the company or an organisation.

The Form 5 is introduced in the year 1952 to give benefits to their employees after their retirement also. This is allowed for multiple scenarios. EPF Form 5 has been registered under the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF). In a simple way we can define about the EPF as it is an chart report offering new jobs to employee’s from various organisations.

This EPF Form 5 will helps for new people who wants to join as an employee under employers. Ans especially this Form 5 is designed for them. This form helps for an organisation or an company to know their monthly report of their employees EPF and they can also track them to know their employee’s status.

These are the following elements listed in the Form 5 as mentioned below

  • Name Of The Organisation or An Company
  • Address Of Your Work Place
  • Code Number Of The Organisation
  • Account Number Of The Employee or UAN Number
  • Name Of The Employee
  • Father’s Name Of The Employee
  • Husband’s / Wife’s Name Of The Employee
  • Date Of Birth Of The Employee
  • Date Of Joining Of The Employee

Main Importance Of The Form 5

Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Form 5 is very useful for the employee’s who doesn’t have an idea about the EPF Fund. This form helps employer’s to track their employee’s on their monthly income and their EPF status.

EPF Form 31

The Employee’s Provident Fund 31, This is known as an advance form. And this form is used to take loan from their PF Fund or for withdrawal of their PF Fund in advance before their retirement. And this will not be refunded.

And the employee’s are not supposed to take full amount from their PF Fund as some sufficient amount should be there in their Employee’s Provident Fund ( EPF Fund ).

The main advantage of EPF Form 31 for employee’s are mentioned below

  • House Loan
  • Education
  • House Remodelisation
  • Wedding
  • Medical Treatment
  • Land / Plot Purchase
  • Loans For Their Children’s Study’
  • Supply Of Electricity
  • Functions
  • Physically Handicapped Employee

And these loans can not be given without verifying the details as you would like to get it. There is an need of document for every loan approval. And if required employee’s are supposed to show the proof.

In Form 31 the employee’s are supposed to fill the details as follows

  • Mobile Number Of The Employee
  • Advance Amount Required From The Employee’s PF Fund
  • Name Of The Employee / Member
  • Husband’s Name / Wife’s Name
  • PF Account Number ( Provident Fund Account Number )
  • UAN Number ( Universal Account Number )
  • Full Residence Address Of The Employee
  • Name Of The Bank As Amount To Be Transferred
  • IFSC Code Of The Bank
  • Savings Bank Account Number Of The Bank
  • Signature Of The Employee
  • Signature Of The Applicant
  • Details Related To The Employee
  • Copy Of The Cancelled Cheque